Matcha jiggly cheesecake

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I´ve been a bit obsessed with this recipe because the texture is light, rich and I love matcha!

Matcha is a kind of green tea powder, but the leaves are treated very carefully. They cover green tea fields so they grow in shadow and let the plant boost all the benefits that regular leaves used to have. Matcha combats aging, enhances memoranda concentration,  build immunity and more. 1 cup of matcha = 10 cup of regular green tea.

Today I bought shredded coconut so I can mix it with matcha recipes! Hope you enjoy the  jiggly cheesecake like I do. XOXO!

This recipe is for a 21cm of diameter mold.


  1. 100 ml whole milk
  2. 60 gr unsalted butter
  3. 200 gr cream cheese
  4. 6 gr matcha (culinary grade)
  5. 6 eggs. Separate the yolks from the white eggs
  6. 50 gr sugar
  7. 60 gr harina
  8. 30 gr cornstarch
  9. pinch of salt




  1. Preheat the oven in 170ºC and put some butter in the mold so the cheesecake doesn’t stick when is ready. You can also cover the mold with parchment paper.
  2. Sift the flour, cornstarch and matcha. Reserve.
  3. In a pot put the milk, butter and cream cheese. And turn on in a medium heat until de butter and cream cheese melt. Use a whisk.
  4. When is ready, turn off the heat, wait 2 minutes to cool down and whisk meanwhile you are adding the yolks. Vert the mix in a bowl and add the sifted dry ingredients and the pinch of salt. Mix all with a spatula.

5.   In another bowl, make a meringue with the egg whites and sugar.

6.   With gently movements add the meringue into the mix, so the batter is gonna be “airy”.

7.   In a deep oven dish add boiling water.

8.   Add the final mix to the mold and place it carefully to the hot Bain Marie.


9.   Bake 30 minutes.

10.  Remove from the Bain Marie and cool down before serve.


My sweet Madrid


In Sol area, just in front of one of the exits (don´t remember which one) you have the famous and traditional pastry shop “La Mallorquina”. Since 1894 giving to their clients delicious pastries, cookies, chocolates and whatever is sweet. Tourists, local people and important people were or are clients of this place. How a shop can survive so long? sometimes i ask to my self. Well, i know what answer are you thinking 😉 . Because are delicious, because their quality. I tried their cream cakes and cookies. I was raised in a country with spaniard and german “sweet” inheritance and i ´ve to say that are delicious! the texture of the cake is a bit more compact than in chilean ones, but keep their moist. Are moist not wet! Usually you put some syrup in the sponge cake when you cut it in layers, at least in Chile is like that but this one, i think are the eggs or baking time that give that nice texture and flavour, not eggy, not too sweet, dry or buttery flavor. This is the result of tradition and i love it. Cookies are delicious too. Of course you pay a higher prices but if you have a bit more coins in your pocket you should try at least once the products of “La Mallorquina”. Next time i´ll try the famous bambas, a kind of beignot filled with plenty of cream.

In one meeting with spaniards, one of the guests said: “I remember when my mom told me that in the way to the school they had to pass in front of La Mallorquina. They used to stop in front of it and breath the delicious sweet aroma coming out, just to have the stomach “a little bit more full””. That were the times after Franco´s rule. Was sad to hear that but is the reality of wars and post wars generations.

Anyway, it seems that this pastry shop is going to stay for a long, so just plan your trip to Madrid and try their pastries! Even if you are going to stay one or two days, i´m sure you are going to see it. It is just in the center of the downtown .If you get lost just ask to the kiosk people, everybody knows this place. People make lines in this place.


Mr. Macaron


People love macarons. The first time I tried that rounded thing I didn’t like it. But one day   I traveled to Paris, the city of lights…city of delicatessens and sweets. My little sister was crazy about trying Ladurée macarons, looking in internet the locations just to find the nearest one. But in the way we found Pierre Hermé and we don´t regret! I mean… Now I can say I love macarons!!! I could eat one whole box!

Busy busy at Pierre Hermé pastry shop

Pierre Hermé is french and is considered one of the best pastry chefs of the world. Ask to a sugar lover who is him and he/she will know.

This macarons are soft, no chewy like the other ones I tried. You can taste the raspberry, mango and lychee. Even pistachio taste like pistachio. I don´t know if they use artificial or natural ingredients, but one thing is true, they know how to prepare and treat the product. Still want to try Ladurée macarons because I´m sure are super good too. In internet is the debate of which one is better: Ladurée or Hermé.

More than paellas


I went to Madrid, Spain and i tried paellas and arroz abanda, simply delicious but this country is more than that. Have you tried churros and porras before? Churros yes, porras no. Porras are thick churros, like the fat brother of it. I have to say, now i like more porras than churros because is crunchy and fluffly at the same time. Dip it in the delicious spanish hot chocolate and you will say mmmmmmm.

Walking around the areas of Opera and Sol you can find “Chocolateria San Ginés”, exactly in: Pasadizo de San Gines 5. This place is open since 1894 and is aaaalways open…really, 24/7. I went at almost midnight and my sweets were goooood. However is better go at busy times (breakfast and tea time) so you can be sure your churros and porras will be freshy fresh. Frequently you will see a long line of tourists and local people.

Do you speak japanese? no problem, the menu is also written in japanese.



what is that???


IMG_2260The first time I saw it I asked: what is that? and the answer was: a sweet from Middle East made from sesame paste and sugar. Basically that´s all and can found other varieties with nut fruits or fruits. The texture is oily and crumbly. Is a sweet very sweet… a sweet very sweet… so I recommend take it with tea or coffee. I prefer tea.

In the picture she is cutting my piece jijijijiji…. halva with pistachios 🙂

If you like sugar I really recommend it, if you don´t at least try halva. It worths, I swear!

This halva is from Whole Foods, New York.