In La Vega, no Las Vegas


La Vega is located at Recoleta commune and is a famous market in Santiago. Fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, flour, sugar are sold there. Thanks to the peruvian inmigration you can also find peruvian products that before used to be very hard to get.

This market is open 4:00 to 19:30. At the opening hours you´ll find chefs and cooks trying to get the best products for their restaurants. At mondays supposed not to be open, but many stores open anyway. If you get hungry you can eat at chileans or peruvian cocinerías there.


Sunday in “El rastro” flea market


“El rastro” is a flea market that has maaany years and opens every sundays and holidays from 9am to 3pm alonside Plaza del Cascorro in Madrid, but at 3pm you still can buy some things because plenty of the stores are starting to close. If you don´t like crowded places i recommend you walk by the sidewalk.

You can find all kind of things! You want toys? leather goods? crafts? clothe? jewelry? etc,etc? this is your place and you can discover more stuffs. After walking and walking you get hungry, in the area you have restaurants, bars, coffee shops to have a break. However the menu prices are higher than other areas. I saw menus between 15 and 16 euros, having in other parts menus between 10 and 12 euros. Suddenly you want a tattoo or piercing? No problem. By de sidewalk you have some tattoo shops. I don´t know if they are good tattooing but you have the choice.

You can have a look one Sunday morning in “el rastro”, it worths. If you didn´t find what you wanted at least you can say you have been in “el rastro” of Madrid. Have a nice Sunday!

You also can found thimbles for collectors and creepy stuffs like this little deer.

San Antón market


The “San Antón market” is just few minutes from Chueca metro station. In the underground floor you have the supermarket, but I like to do “eye shopping”, you have plenty kind of products and varieties. You will love it! This market has 4 floors in total and they sell fish, fruits, sweets, etc. Too many things. Even chips with different flavors and colors. You can go to have some food or tapear (like a verb: to try tapas from one place to another) mainly in the second and third floor. On the third floor you have the terraces and start to be busy at lunch time indeed in this very hot summer days in Madrid. This is not just a place for tourists! Local people of all ages go there to enjoy tapas and it´s open all the year until 12am. Today I saw a grandpa serving cider like an expert! Wow!

With tapas from all kind of prices and from the traditional ones and gourmets. In this market a must to try are codfish tapas, and brandada tapas are so good! And of course the boquerones or anchovies tapas and octopus a la gallega. Very assorted choices and with the imagination of the new cooks, new tapas are appearing in the scene. Don´t worry you always will found the traditional tapas because in Spain they care of their culinary heritage. They also have hot tapas like little fried fishes or croquettes. Now I go to tapear! See you soon!


Back in Madrid


If you heard about Madrid for sure you heard about this place, the “Mercado de San Miguel” is pretty famous, but not too spacious for all the tourists that came to taste the products they sell. I like this place, look like a glass house in the middle of the city. Is placed in the Plaza de San Miguel, few minutes from Plaza Mayor. this is one of the where-to-eat spots in the city. They sell fruits, seafood, beer, tapas, italian food and even sushi. Yes! you can found assorted options for your stomach. Tip: Don´t touch the fruits.

Some places cook your seafood a la minute other places offer you glasses of wine or beer. Don´t expect chairs where to sit, are gonna be already taken. The traditional way is be in the barra having tapas and beer. You can take away the snacks too.

Also if you want something sweet you can find macarons, pastries, granitas and smoothies.



Indoor picnic


Today in Lyon was predicted rain. After like 11:00am we are having just sun.

At morning i didn´t check the weather and prepared a sandwich, fast dessert and white wine. Thinking having that lunch next to the Rhône river. Everyday indeed at weekends i can see people there jogging, chatting with friends, just standing, etc. Is a place to relax. I didn´t expected raindrops but when i opened the window i checked the weather on my mobile. Ok. only two hours  of sun and then 50%+ expectations of rain. What i did? i enjoyed my picnic on the floor looking outside through the window. In front of me, my neighbord catched me and looked at me like i´m crazy jajaja. It´s ok, sometimes indoor picnics happens, no?


Last night…


IMG_5740Last night I tried the lip gel and the eyes patch. First want to say I prefer use my lip balm or coconut oil for my lips. And second, I´m very sad i don´t have more of eyes patches. “Cherry jelly lips patch” and “Heating eye patch” are products from Etude House.

This morning I woke up, I saw my face in the mirror and realized that my eye bags almost disappear! I´m so impress that tonight I will sleep with warm cotton pads on my eyes. My diet didn’t change too much and I drink infusions and green tea everyday like always. So I think is the warm effect. Also is more pleasant to sleep like that, even is summer here and my eyes wanted to sweat, I recommend this product. One day, when I go back to Korea I will get plenty of them. It worths for me!

As soon as you open the package the patch starts to get warm. You can hang the white wings onto your ears, so is really like a eye mask made for one night. This product is a 10!

Some korean cosmetics


Have you ever heard about korean cosmetics? Well, nowadays are becoming very popular and with reason. Korean cosmetics in general are focused in prevention. I´m not gonna talk about the chemicals, components, etc but is known that Korean one take care from the ingredients, texture, fragrance and even make it cute! Koreans women are always looking for the new one, the good one and the no killing price one. And you have plenty of brands that cover the requirements.

I tried east and west products: face creams, serums, exfoliants bla bla bla, that at the first use leave your skin so soft, luminous and moisturized. The “thing” in the issue are the anti-wrinkles and anti-spots promises. I mean, I´m not saying are bad cosmetics, I´m saying that before buying always look for reviews because you will not know the true until years using the same product, no? Just go to the drugstore or pharmacy and try the testers they have. I use The Body Shop, La Roche-Posay, Estée Lauder, Innisfree, The Face Shop, Nature Republic, homemade, etc etc etc, just like you I use plenty of brands, just remember what are the needs of your skin, your budget and reviews!

Ah! one of the reasons I love to buy in korean brand stores is the fact that they give you samples! more you buy, more samples or expensive items samples they give you. That make me happy! Indeed tonight I´ll try the “heating eye mask” and the “cherry jelly lips patch (vitalizing)” from Etude House!