Matcha jiggly cheesecake

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I´ve been a bit obsessed with this recipe because the texture is light, rich and I love matcha!

Matcha is a kind of green tea powder, but the leaves are treated very carefully. They cover green tea fields so they grow in shadow and let the plant boost all the benefits that regular leaves used to have. Matcha combats aging, enhances memoranda concentration,  build immunity and more. 1 cup of matcha = 10 cup of regular green tea.

Today I bought shredded coconut so I can mix it with matcha recipes! Hope you enjoy the  jiggly cheesecake like I do. XOXO!

This recipe is for a 21cm of diameter mold.


  1. 100 ml whole milk
  2. 60 gr unsalted butter
  3. 200 gr cream cheese
  4. 6 gr matcha (culinary grade)
  5. 6 eggs. Separate the yolks from the white eggs
  6. 50 gr sugar
  7. 60 gr harina
  8. 30 gr cornstarch
  9. pinch of salt




  1. Preheat the oven in 170ºC and put some butter in the mold so the cheesecake doesn’t stick when is ready. You can also cover the mold with parchment paper.
  2. Sift the flour, cornstarch and matcha. Reserve.
  3. In a pot put the milk, butter and cream cheese. And turn on in a medium heat until de butter and cream cheese melt. Use a whisk.
  4. When is ready, turn off the heat, wait 2 minutes to cool down and whisk meanwhile you are adding the yolks. Vert the mix in a bowl and add the sifted dry ingredients and the pinch of salt. Mix all with a spatula.

5.   In another bowl, make a meringue with the egg whites and sugar.

6.   With gently movements add the meringue into the mix, so the batter is gonna be “airy”.

7.   In a deep oven dish add boiling water.

8.   Add the final mix to the mold and place it carefully to the hot Bain Marie.


9.   Bake 30 minutes.

10.  Remove from the Bain Marie and cool down before serve.


Still in Madrid


The other day i passed by the downtown near Sol and i found between so many fast food restaurants and  restaurants for tourists a place where still serve homemade food with not killing prices. The lunch menu for 10,50 euros. Price-quality is ok.

At first they gave me a little potato-pepper salad that wasn´t written in the menu, so i guess was part of the menu service. For first course i asked gazpacho andaluz (maybe you saw the picture first at @theundercoverpig) and for second course cocido madrileño -traditional spanish stew with meat, white cabbage, chickpeas and served separately the broth from the other items). The true i was looking for callos a la madrileña but it seems nobody wanted to put that in their menus. Maybe next time. For dessert just coffee. The waiter was very nice and it seems workers there have many years working there.

The restaurant name is “La Farola” and it´s open sice 1864. Is located in calle Tetuán 20, three minutes by walking fom Sol subway station. 


Aún estoy en Madrid

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El otro día pasé por el centro cerca de Sol y me encontré entre tanta oferta de fast food y comida para turista, un lugarcillo donde aún sirven comida casera sin que llore el bolsillo. Un menú a 10,50 euros. Nada mal para la zona donde se encuentra. Precio-calidad se corresponden.

Primero me han dado una ensaladilla de papas y morrón, supongo que venía junto al menú. De primer plato me he pedido un gazpacho andaluz (si has visto nuestro instagram -@theundercoverpig- habrás visto la foto primero 😉 ) y de segundo un cocido madrileño -yummy-. La verdad andaba buscando callos a la madrileña que me encantan, pero por lo visto, ese día nadie lo quiso poner en el menú. Para la otra será. De postre un café fue ideal para ese día. La atención fue muy amable. Los que atienden son ya personas mayores.

El restaurante se llama “La Farola” y dice que data de 1864. Queda en calle Tetuán 20, a tres minutos desde la salida de metro Sol.


Croquetas y cerveza

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Cerca del metro Sol, al lado del El corte inglés hay un restaurante que pasa ocupado. Se llama Casa Labra y es un lugar que madrileños y turistas van a probar sus croquetas y sus tapas de bacalao, también tienen banderilla -de atún con morrón-. Entrando por el lado derecho hay un stand que parece la caja de pago, ahí se piden y pagan las tapas a consumir y los bebestibles se piden y pagan en la barra.


No es caro como pensaba. Me pedí una caña y tres croquetas, a 1 euro cada una. En poco rato después de abrir se comienza a haer cola para comprar. Si te quieres sentar, al fondo del restaurante tienes un salón con mesas y sillas. Pero creo que la gracia es disfrutar como un local, de pie en la barra, creo, no?


Name: Brie, Surname: de Meaux


This morning i had an appointmet so i drunk just pineapple juice and in the way back to my little rented studio in Lyon i realized i don´t have nothing for breakfast. So i went to the supermarché and bought baguette and cheese. One of my favorite cheeses is brie, but here in France they have brie xx and brie xx. In my country is just brie! So i took one called “brie de meaux”. In my mind i was thinking: is just like the regular one. I tried it and this one is strong!, stronger than the chileans one but we cannot compare them because at the end are differents, no? Guess is not a fair play.



At room temperature inside both look the same, like “wanna get melt” but the de meaux  look like a sandwich. I was reading in internet and Mr. Meaux used to be called “the king of the cheeses” due to the preference of nobility for this one centuries ago.

So I took my kingslices of baguette and voilá, i had a cheesy and smelly breakfast. Have a bon journée!