Name: Brie, Surname: de Meaux

This morning i had an appointmet so i drunk just pineapple juice and in the way back to my little rented studio in Lyon i realized i don´t have nothing for breakfast. So i went to the supermarché and bought baguette and cheese. One of my favorite cheeses is brie, but here in France they have brie xx and brie xx. In my country is just brie! So i took one called “brie de meaux”. In my mind i was thinking: is just like the regular one. I tried it and this one is strong!, stronger than the chileans one but we cannot compare them because at the end are differents, no? Guess is not a fair play.



At room temperature inside both look the same, like “wanna get melt” but the de meaux  look like a sandwich. I was reading in internet and Mr. Meaux used to be called “the king of the cheeses” due to the preference of nobility for this one centuries ago.

So I took my kingslices of baguette and voilá, i had a cheesy and smelly breakfast. Have a bon journée! 

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