More than paellas

I went to Madrid, Spain and i tried paellas and arroz abanda, simply delicious but this country is more than that. Have you tried churros and porras before? Churros yes, porras no. Porras are thick churros, like the fat brother of it. I have to say, now i like more porras than churros because is crunchy and fluffly at the same time. Dip it in the delicious spanish hot chocolate and you will say mmmmmmm.

Walking around the areas of Opera and Sol you can find “Chocolateria San Ginés”, exactly in: Pasadizo de San Gines 5. This place is open since 1894 and is aaaalways open…really, 24/7. I went at almost midnight and my sweets were goooood. However is better go at busy times (breakfast and tea time) so you can be sure your churros and porras will be freshy fresh. Frequently you will see a long line of tourists and local people.

Do you speak japanese? no problem, the menu is also written in japanese.



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