La pasta nostra…and the pizza…and the risotto

Italy… How can i explain what is Italy? Are you thinking in pizza? pasta? maffia?  jajaja, me too!

The food is simply delicious. No rococó style. The extravaganze is not in putting one thousand ingredients, is not in garnishing with the tallest ciboulette leave. The extravaganze is in the quality and in the time of dedication you put in. That is real traditional italian food and nowdays a luxury that just few people appreciate in this snob´s days. I mean, is not bad maybe i´m snob sometimes too but not with the food. That´s a No No No.

This last month i was in Venice, Florence and Rome. And i learnt: Don´t eat in places near touristic spots just follow local people or ask to italians where you can found nice food. When i travel alone i try to avoid places with spaghetti with meatballs and hawaiian pizza. Why? that are not italian dishes, that are italian-american. I love hawaiian pizza! but when i´m in Italy you have far more great choices around!

I tried in Venice “Tagliatelle con zucchine nostrane e scaglie di formaggio Asiago (36 months)”. Is fresh homemade pasta with white fish, simple but so rich. When they say just zucchine is just zucchine. I didn´t see any other vegetable. In the same retaurant the risotto… I want to cry…. the best risotto i had in my life. No milky flavor, no too liquid, no too dry, just perfect! And add some agretti and you will die. The man who attented us explained to me that agretti is an italian seaweed and taste and look like little asparagus. I felt in love.

fullsizeoutput_1ddfMeanwhile in Florence long long time ago i had the best pasta ever and was just spaghetti with marinara sauce but in this trip I didn´t found the place 😦 so i went to a little one trattoria and ask for the maccheroni with nduja. Nduja is a spicy pork salame. Was a nice experience because i never found this pasta outside the peninsula and even in Italy.

Pizza (pit-za) is another part of Italy everyone should try. Outside of Italy i never buy the margherita, why? is so flavorless that is waste your money but here i can recommend all the pizzas you can found no hawaiian please.


And if you add gelatto to the italian experiencce, you will gain some weight at the end of your trip because are so good! i love lemone, watermelon, cioccolato and milk flavors!

Just remember please, avoid restaurants near touristic places. See local people in one place and will be a good sign.

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