Ice cream, glacée or gelato?

For winter days soups, for summer days ice creams. It´s a rule.

I realize ice creams are not similars around the globe. In USA the soft ice creams are the star. I tried one from a white truck. they have plenty of choices but i chose the vanilla ice cream covered with “cherry”. Cherries i thought! perfect for this sunny day. My surprise was vanilla soft ice cream tasted too fake and the cherry cover was nothing, i mean was just the cherry color, i was dissappointed but what can i expect, no? was cheap.

Glacée is another story. I have to say that french ice creams are regular. I went to the parc de la Tête d´or. Beautiful. And I had strawberry and chocolate glacée and my sister chose the classic vanilla one. Chocolate is ok but strawberry is acid, like a mix of straberries and cherries, i don´t know, this was a new straberry for me. The vanilla one was better than mine.

Gelato…I didn´t see soft ice creams. But! wherever in Italy, it seems the gelato has a special place in italians hearts like pizza, pasta and espressos. Gelato is amazing! In Venice i tried chocolate and my sister milk, and really tasted like milk! In Rome we tried anguria, lemone, cioccolato, fior di latte, pistacchio and mango (watermelon, lemon, chocolate, milk, pistachio and mango). All of this flavors tasted like the flavor is it. My favorites are lemone, cioccolato and fior di latte. I miss italian ice creams. i miss the fact that their ice creams respect the flavor and whatever is the way the prepare them, they keep it. For me the winner is la bella Italia.


Gelato at Roma. On the left: fior di latte & cioccolato and on the right mango & lemone.

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