Choco now!

Chocolate, I love it. But in Santiago I never founded a place with a good hot chocolate. Even in good places the hot chocolate is too liquid and tastes like cheap cocoa powder. My friend introduced me to this place called “Cacao much” (Nueva Los Leones 2400, Providencia) located just one block next to Costanera center mall. They work only with belgian chocolate and the thing i really liked, and no one place has, is the possibility to choose between a liquid hot chocolate and more thick hot chocolate. Personally I prefer the second one, the perfect one with churros.

They have many choices of hot chocolates: with marshmallows, nutella, cinnamon and even a spicy one. The prices are between $3100 to $3850, making a good relation price-quality. If you are hungry I saw the menu and they also have sandwiches, coffee and of course chocolates and more chocolates.

My brother in-law misses the traditional hot chocolate from Spain and this is the most similar one i founded in Santiago. I will have to tell him about this place 🙂


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