A good morning

fullsizeoutput_1dffEvery morning I wake up thinking what I´m going to have for breakfast,  lunch and dinner. I don’t  want the boring toast with butter or the Italian one, cornetto -croissant-with espresso. I cannot be happy in my morning with only that. So one day at 7am I was looking around in Lavapiés neighborhood for one cafetería in Madrid and I found one. I call it the Spanish breakfast. Is simple but tasty. A cup of coffee, a glass one natural orange juice, toasted bread with virgin olive oil and grated tomato. Around Madrid you can find plenty of choices but I have to say this is the breakfast I like when I don’t want to feel me heavy and when I´m in Spain. Need something sweet? no problem, in every cafetería and corner they have pastries called bollería like napolitanas, croissants, pain au chocolat, brioches, etc etc.

Spaniards don´t speak english but they are kind people. You can use sign language, just point what you want and smile. Have a good morning!


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