My fav items


Hello! 😀 Today i was checking my tool case and i realize i need more things in my cooking-baking tools case. Until the moment i have some few items, but i really love them. Are useful, cute and i have them like souvenir of my trips. Of my little collection my favorites one are my piping tubes, onigiri molds and ravioli stamp pasta cutter! For me are so cute that i wanted to share it with you 😀


Japan have fabulously cute baking tools items and can found at all kind of prices. In Japan you can buy in “Don Quijote”, “Daiso”, and in internet at “Amazon Japan” and so on. If you are fan of Disney or Hello Kitty Japan is a paradise.  Still missing a Hello Kitty useful unsuseful item …But i know one day i´ll have a kitty baking item! jajaja.


Going back


Today i´m goin back to the country i live, Chile. Chile is good, has beauty in their desert, mountains, little towns, landscapes and more. But with the years, i don´t feel me that connected, hummm. I´m sitting here, in the middle of Madrid, wandering don´t have to take my flight. Guess is the wanderlust in my soul. I used to work on a cruise ship and everyday i used to hear people saying: “i wish i´m at home” or “almost going home!”, but i thought: “i wish i finish my contract in this country and stay weeks there”. Is not that i didn´t want to see my family, i love them so much, but i wanted keep travelling around.

Once i heard that the people whom don´t know where they belong in the world are called “world´s citizen”. Are you also one? Everytime people ask me about my nationality i always (!) answer “korean” + “but i live in Chile”. This is inmigration. You have a saying: “you belong where you heart is”. I don´t know the exactly translation.

They say you belong where you heart is. I don´t know the exactly translation. At the moment my heart belongs just to me, however i found the cities i wanna stay. Make me feel comfortable, secure, confident. Madrid and Rome have something that i can´t explain clearly. Whatever is it, hope i can found the answer soon.



Aún estoy en Madrid

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El otro día pasé por el centro cerca de Sol y me encontré entre tanta oferta de fast food y comida para turista, un lugarcillo donde aún sirven comida casera sin que llore el bolsillo. Un menú a 10,50 euros. Nada mal para la zona donde se encuentra. Precio-calidad se corresponden.

Primero me han dado una ensaladilla de papas y morrón, supongo que venía junto al menú. De primer plato me he pedido un gazpacho andaluz (si has visto nuestro instagram -@theundercoverpig- habrás visto la foto primero 😉 ) y de segundo un cocido madrileño -yummy-. La verdad andaba buscando callos a la madrileña que me encantan, pero por lo visto, ese día nadie lo quiso poner en el menú. Para la otra será. De postre un café fue ideal para ese día. La atención fue muy amable. Los que atienden son ya personas mayores.

El restaurante se llama “La Farola” y dice que data de 1864. Queda en calle Tetuán 20, a tres minutos desde la salida de metro Sol.


Pinocchio is italian


When i was in Firenze i saw plenty of shops with Pinocchio theme. I was thinking ok, oh! Pinocchio is italian. I didn´t know, really, until the July of this year the nationality of the puppet. But he is not only italian, it seems he is fiorentino. How i realize? in Venice and Rome you don´t see this shops but in Florence you have plenty. Is he really fiorentino???


But why i´m talking about Pinocchio? Well, in youtube i was watching the future movies “live action” (with real people) of Disney adn just i remembered about the pictures i took in the city. I cannot wait for The little Mermaid jajaja. Yes i like Disney indeed their songs!


I don´t know what do you thing about this puppet, but it has their “dark side”, no? but thinking positively at the end Pinocchio finally meet his father and become a real boy. Happy for them. Happy ending.


I don´t know how he survived to all that “adventures”, not even in my life i have had those kind of experineces… and i hope i will not have! otherwise maybe i die in 30 seconds.