Having a healthy breakfast!

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This morning I wanted to have a healthy breakfast. I love having toasts, avocado, eggs, cold cuts and all the things a should not eat every morning. Long time the chia pudding became popular. I saw pictures and recipes in Pinterest but never wanted to try it because my little sis tried it and said is no good. But I prefer to try it. This morning I had my pineapple and coconut chia pudding. A wanna be tropical chia pudding for these sunny days in Santiago, Chile. Is so easy to prepare 😉

“Pineapple and coconut chia pudding”


40gr chia

70gr milk

140gr pineapple juice

20gr shredded coconut



  1. In a glass put the chia, milk, pineapple juice. Stir and let the chia absorb all the liquid. I prepared mine one night before. But one hour will be in off to make sure the chia absorbs all.
  2. After the “pudding” is ready, place the coconut and the fruits you want. I put kiwi and banana to mine! 😀
  3. Enjoy and start your healthy morning!!!



The fuel for today is ready!!!

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