Going back


Today i´m goin back to the country i live, Chile. Chile is good, has beauty in their desert, mountains, little towns, landscapes and more. But with the years, i don´t feel me that connected, hummm. I´m sitting here, in the middle of Madrid, wandering don´t have to take my flight. Guess is the wanderlust in my soul. I used to work on a cruise ship and everyday i used to hear people saying: “i wish i´m at home” or “almost going home!”, but i thought: “i wish i finish my contract in this country and stay weeks there”. Is not that i didn´t want to see my family, i love them so much, but i wanted keep travelling around.

Once i heard that the people whom don´t know where they belong in the world are called “world´s citizen”. Are you also one? Everytime people ask me about my nationality i always (!) answer “korean” + “but i live in Chile”. This is inmigration. You have a saying: “you belong where you heart is”. I don´t know the exactly translation.

They say you belong where you heart is. I don´t know the exactly translation. At the moment my heart belongs just to me, however i found the cities i wanna stay. Make me feel comfortable, secure, confident. Madrid and Rome have something that i can´t explain clearly. Whatever is it, hope i can found the answer soon.



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