Pinocchio is italian


When i was in Firenze i saw plenty of shops with Pinocchio theme. I was thinking ok, oh! Pinocchio is italian. I didn´t know, really, until the July of this year the nationality of the puppet. But he is not only italian, it seems he is fiorentino. How i realize? in Venice and Rome you don´t see this shops but in Florence you have plenty. Is he really fiorentino???


But why i´m talking about Pinocchio? Well, in youtube i was watching the future movies “live action” (with real people) of Disney adn just i remembered about the pictures i took in the city. I cannot wait for The little Mermaid jajaja. Yes i like Disney indeed their songs!


I don´t know what do you thing about this puppet, but it has their “dark side”, no? but thinking positively at the end Pinocchio finally meet his father and become a real boy. Happy for them. Happy ending.


I don´t know how he survived to all that “adventures”, not even in my life i have had those kind of experineces… and i hope i will not have! otherwise maybe i die in 30 seconds.



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