More chesees and Tête fromagée


Did i said i like cheeses? yes, i really like, even roquefort cheese. Living in Lyon teach me that cheeses are something very deep in their lifestyle and i want to adoptee it. Maybe only on weekends because i get fat very fast. Anyway. I also like tête fromagée or how we call it in Chile queso de cabeza. In Chile plenty of people don´t like it, they thing is disgusting. Personally i like too much the spicy version of queso de cabeza. BUT! in Lyon i tried one version with pickles. The flavor of the pickles were not strong, have more meat ( or solid pieces) than chilean one. In Chile you can see the spaces between filled with the gelatine :/ .The one i tried almost melt in your mouth.


I tried also goat´s cheese. This little one was very soft, even inside the fridge it keeps soft, like melted. the yellow one is cantal cheese (cantal jeune au lait de vache pateurisé). First time i eat it and like always, i liked it. The sensation of the fermentation of the cheese in your mouth is strong but not smelly like roquefort, the consistency is good, not hard like parmigiano and no soft like camembert. I really like it with sandwiches and of course, wine!

But always when is about food, is better when you try it by yourself. Don´t look the shape, don´t look the appearence just close your eyes and voilá.

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