Last night…


IMG_5740Last night I tried the lip gel and the eyes patch. First want to say I prefer use my lip balm or coconut oil for my lips. And second, I´m very sad i don´t have more of eyes patches. “Cherry jelly lips patch” and “Heating eye patch” are products from Etude House.

This morning I woke up, I saw my face in the mirror and realized that my eye bags almost disappear! I´m so impress that tonight I will sleep with warm cotton pads on my eyes. My diet didn’t change too much and I drink infusions and green tea everyday like always. So I think is the warm effect. Also is more pleasant to sleep like that, even is summer here and my eyes wanted to sweat, I recommend this product. One day, when I go back to Korea I will get plenty of them. It worths for me!

As soon as you open the package the patch starts to get warm. You can hang the white wings onto your ears, so is really like a eye mask made for one night. This product is a 10!

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