Beyond the baguettes


When you think Italy: ciabatta! when you think in Chile: marraqueta! when you think in France: baguette! …. I´m asian, I love rice, but I realize that living in Lyon, I´m starting to like bread more and more. When I just came I used to buy the classic baguette or the multigrain baguette. I felt me a bit frenchie…pffffff.


These days I started to try different kind of breads with cheese, butter, lettuce, etc. I still like baguette but will be not my first choice anymore. Today I was in front of the bread counter thinking which one to buy. The baguette was sold out but doesn’t matter. I was between the multigrain bread, poppyseed bread and the pain complet. At the end pain complet was the chosen one and I was not wrong. I was expecting a maybe an earthy flavor, dryer and sour like when you use too much yeast in the dough. This bread is brown and heavy, but moist and soft inside. Has a short size, like a short fat baguette. In the picture look like a baby.

I tried it with cheese – brie de meaux- and I enjoyed. The bread has presence is not just something to fill up, the cheese flavor will not be over the pain complet, they will complement.

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