Some korean cosmetics


Have you ever heard about korean cosmetics? Well, nowadays are becoming very popular and with reason. Korean cosmetics in general are focused in prevention. I´m not gonna talk about the chemicals, components, etc but is known that Korean one take care from the ingredients, texture, fragrance and even make it cute! Koreans women are always looking for the new one, the good one and the no killing price one. And you have plenty of brands that cover the requirements.

I tried east and west products: face creams, serums, exfoliants bla bla bla, that at the first use leave your skin so soft, luminous and moisturized. The “thing” in the issue are the anti-wrinkles and anti-spots promises. I mean, I´m not saying are bad cosmetics, I´m saying that before buying always look for reviews because you will not know the true until years using the same product, no? Just go to the drugstore or pharmacy and try the testers they have. I use The Body Shop, La Roche-Posay, Estée Lauder, Innisfree, The Face Shop, Nature Republic, homemade, etc etc etc, just like you I use plenty of brands, just remember what are the needs of your skin, your budget and reviews!

Ah! one of the reasons I love to buy in korean brand stores is the fact that they give you samples! more you buy, more samples or expensive items samples they give you. That make me happy! Indeed tonight I´ll try the “heating eye mask” and the “cherry jelly lips patch (vitalizing)” from Etude House!


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