Second & third day in Paris


IMG_3731First day done. No more mustard flavor in my mouth. Thank you Paris for my second and not that much for the third day.

The luck was still around my family and I. Rained plenty in this trip but everytime we had to go out, the sun was shining.

In my second day the guide lead us to a little restaurant next to Shakespeare and company, Le petit châtelet. The true is i wasn´t expecting decent food because when a tour guide tell you this place is nice, for sure they are linked to the restaurant and the quality of it used to be low. But what happened? I ordered lamb kebab with roasted potatoes and my sister escargots in a pot with crust, like a shepherd´s pie. The kebab was delicious, only salt and pepper and cooked so nicely, it didn´t need anything else. The escargots came in a creamy sauce with mushrooms. Not bad but i prefer the traditional one with butter and parsley because you are not gonna loose the flavor of this tiny meaty thing. I mean, a piece of lamb, pork or beef have stronger flavor that you really have to mess up to cover their richness. So second day has thumbs up.

The third day i had confit de canard with potatoes at Le Royal Opéra restaurant. Not sure if the confit was straight from the can. Hummm…the potatoes were good, hot, crispies and well seasoned. So not too much to say about this place. Hummm.


I will post the picture and go slowlyyyyy…See ya´


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