First day in Paris


fullsizeoutput_1e00My first day in Paris I was so hungry. So my family and I went to the first decent looklike restaurant, next to KFC. I don´t speak french but the server helped us speaking english and then spanish. I don´t know why I have the habit to order at restaurants the dish that usually people don´t used to choose. So I asked for kidneys in mustard sauce and pappardelle.  My sisters looked at me like: what?! I just smiled jajaja.

In Chile, where i live, they always give me overcooked kidneys, dry with plastic texture. In Paris they give you medium-cooked kidneys and I liked it, the only “but” was the mustard seeds sauce was too strong that i had to left the half of it. The pasta was ok and the plate didn´t make my happy ending day but at least i tried something different. I don´t regret my choice.

Also supposed to rain all day but thanks to God everytime we had to go out of any place the rain stopped. First day in Paris: checked!



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