A bite of Italy in Madrid


Yes, I know, is not the same but when i miss Italy, a bite of pizza or pasta can help…a bit. Is just about found a place that want to do the right thing. I had a nice surprise in Ôven mozzarella bar, Madrid. No, I didn’t´t ask for mozzarella. Next time I will. Instead of that my sister and I chose pappardelle al teléfono (buffalo´s mozzarella cheese+eggplant+tomato sauce) and mediterranean pizza (tomato sauce+mozzarella cheese+arugula+Santoña´s anchovies+cherry tomato+extra virgin oil).

The pasta was cooked al dente, the tomato sauce tasted like tomato and the mozzarella cheese didn’t´t have that bubble gum texture. Also they put more sauce -I like it- than they used to do in Italy. And pizza was the best I had in Madrid. Nice combination of flavors and tasty crust. Not too thick, not too thin, just wishing I had  more cherry tomatoes :P. My dessert: espresso 🙂 . Definitely I´m coming back.


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