Mr. Macaron


People love macarons. The first time I tried that rounded thing I didn’t like it. But one day   I traveled to Paris, the city of lights…city of delicatessens and sweets. My little sister was crazy about trying Ladurée macarons, looking in internet the locations just to find the nearest one. But in the way we found Pierre Hermé and we don´t regret! I mean… Now I can say I love macarons!!! I could eat one whole box!

Busy busy at Pierre Hermé pastry shop

Pierre Hermé is french and is considered one of the best pastry chefs of the world. Ask to a sugar lover who is him and he/she will know.

This macarons are soft, no chewy like the other ones I tried. You can taste the raspberry, mango and lychee. Even pistachio taste like pistachio. I don´t know if they use artificial or natural ingredients, but one thing is true, they know how to prepare and treat the product. Still want to try Ladurée macarons because I´m sure are super good too. In internet is the debate of which one is better: Ladurée or Hermé.

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