Paella o no paella?…


I love rice. So the first time i tried paella was love at first bite. I love the idea that paella is for sharing, served in the paellera (a flat cast iron pan specially made for paellas) for minimun two people. In restaurants they sell it like this. They prepare it with broth never water, finish it at the oven and after 30 or more minutes, depending of the temperature and quantity voilà. 

Don´t miss the seafood paella….is my favourite jajaja. Delicious and beautiful at the same time paella no need too much garnish, only the same ingredients. And you can upgrade the flavor with a dash of lemon.

Being in Madrid the uncle of my brother-in-law invite to my family to his house for my sister and his nephew´s marriage. That day he introduce me to arroz abanda. First time i saw it and try it. Is almost the same, the only difference he said is you don´t have to peel the shrimps or take off the shells so is easier to eat this delicious preparation. Like in paella is better, i think so, with a dash of lemon juice. So the question is paella or no paella? Paella or arroz abanda? Me? Definitely BOTH!!!…sometimes i like to make a mess on the table but I never forget to wash my hands after having paellas. I´m always a lady.

In your next trip to Spain which one you will choose?

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